Choreographed First Dance – Fabulous or Tacky?

Shake Your Moneymaker
The first dance at a wedding reception often a source of anxiety for couples. Some people are uncomfortable in the spotlight, and cringe at the thought of all those eyes on them. Others do not dance, and are afraid to embarrass the dance floor. And awkward guys are just petrified that they will trip over their own feet and take a shovel in front of all their guests.

These are all very common concerns. A great way to relieve is to take dance lessons, and practice your first dance until you have reached a comfort level with it. There are some couples, however, who take it to the whole next level. These are people who not only do not mind being the center of attention, they live for it. And for honeymooners, no first regular dance will do.

A big trend in weddings is currently the first choreographed dance. Instead of just taking a spin around the dance floor in a romantic song, newlyweds work with professional choreographers to arrange elaborate dance routines. Always dramatic and often funny, the idea is to surprise the guests and make some noise.

In general, these choreographed dances will start looking like a regular first dance to a traditional love song. The impact comes from the “surprise” when suddenly the standard dance password pair for a dance routine. Part of the act often includes a dramatic pantomime when the first song ends abruptly in the middle. The couple pretended to be surprised, then suddenly another song begins, and the newlyweds begin to breakdance (or moonwalk, or whatever they think obtain the greatest courage of the crowd). Routines are very finely choreographed and clearly take a lot of planning and practice.

The question is, is this type of choreographed first dance wedding add to or remove from it? Like many things, the answer lies in the eye of the beholder. Many people think it’s hysterically funny zing their guests with an unexpected element to the reception. There is also apparently a lot of newlyweds just die to become YouTube fodder. Without a doubt, make your first dance with thunder and the effects will make a strong impression of relief, but is it good?

To answer this question, you must know your audience. If you recreate “Thriller” video of Michael Jackson, will be your grandmother think it’s hilarious, or will it be mortified? Does the father of the bride really need to see her little girl “shake the moneymaker” on her wedding day? Another question to ask is when you look back on your wedding in five or ten years, you’ll be amused or embarrassed? Remember, too, that just because you can learn the steps do not necessarily mean you have the pace to snatch the movements!

For a bride who really wants to shine on her wedding day, there are ways to do that are always in good taste. A spectacular wedding gown with a full set of dazzling crystal bridal jewelry still looks impressive. Crystal bridal jewelry is also great because you can remove and wear it every day that you need a little lift. (Jewelry has a way of raising the spirits of every woman!) You might also consider an entrance fit for a princess, like a wagon pulled by horses, or even an elephant. It is possible to obtain a dramatic effect, without going to the shock value.

What wacky dances choreographed lacking is the dignity that is an important milestone as marriage. For some couples, all that matters is to have a laugh, and that is certainly their prerogative. But before you jump on the latest bandwagon, stop to ask whether you want your first dance is to show your love, or just show. In case you have not guessed, the issue of fabulous or tacky, I vote for sticky!