Do you know how to make more money

make more money
The best way to earn more money the world is to be healthy and balanced and do it in a simple and relaxed manner.

However, because the money is so important to our well-being, most people money making efforts end up as neurotic tendencies.

The result of the pursuit of money a neurotic way is that you not only save unless you are able, but you can also make much less. Ironically, some people are unhappy, no matter how much money they earn.

It is not your efforts to make money is the cause of unhappiness. It is how you go about it. It is your attitude toward money. The money itself is neutral, neither good nor bad, but it is our attitude that takes us into the cycles of agony or ecstasy.

Here are brief profiles of the major money. You can share different profiles traits. Once you identify your features, you will see where you have with-held your power to earn more money. Clean these negative attitudes towards creating a good income and you will start to have more money making ideas. Only when you first become wise in your attitude to money, you will be able to learn how to earn more money.

The inexperienced.

This is a person who knows little about money. They only have a simple understanding of how to earn, spend or invest. Money is a mystery to them;
they feel overwhelmed by it. Information on money confuses. They defend their discomfort by espousing a philosophy that money does not matter.


This is a person who has no life impact. Instead of life runs, pushing a difficult situation to another. There is never enough money coming in
and still too much money going out. They thrive on the adrenaline charge of trying to survive and chaos run wild if they can not come up with the money they need desperately.

The Fighter.

This is a person who comes into the world and made money, more than most people even know what to do with. They are always looking for ways to make money. They learn what to do and how to do, and persist. Ironically, no matter how much money they make, no matter how they manage, and no matter how they invest to make more money, they are never satisfied, rarely content. They thrive on a restless energy. Money, they say, does not matter, but a way to keep score.

The sacrificial victim.

This is a person who is constantly denying the pleasure of money. They do not feel satisfied with giving. While they appreciate the reward to be admired for their selfless life, they also feel the same despair and hopelessness of the victim.

The Gambler.

This is a person who takes risks, who buys each plan to get rich quick on the planet. They rarely follow through on one of the acquired ideas. As a person who is in front of a slot machine in a casino, they think that the next draw of the lever bring them a fortune. They spend more money trying to get money that they do.

The Artist.

This is a person who despises the material world, believing in the refinement of the mind or spirit. As they avoid the money, it also saves them, and they often wonder why they can not express their talents over the world.


This is a person who aspires power and attention. They use the money not to buy things, but to control people who want money. They experience endless conflicts with people and are often baffled why others do not like being dominated.

Finally, there are the Wise.

This is the only group worth belong to if you want a life.

happy and meaningful This is a person who knows how to make money, how to manage it, and how to use it for the greater good, both themselves and others . They are wise in the use of money and are balanced in their spending, without suffering lack and poverty.

This is the only healthy way to manage money. He is the only profile of the non-neurotic money. What can you do today to cure a neurotic profile money and become wise in the ways of the money?