This Time Next Year We’ll be millionaires

Have you come up with what you believed to be a good idea? Have you studied the idea and realized that there is indeed a hole in the market that does not cover your idea? One day you’re going to put this idea into practice correctly and become a millionaire from it -. As soon as you have time

But you do not get the time. Then, before you know, there it is! In shops! But it’s your idea, you first thought and now this other person had the same idea, the action taken if you were slacking and turned into a spinner money so they can live on the Costa del EasyMoney.

If only you had looked in protecting your intellectual property. But is it really possible to protect an “idea”? Well, yes it is. Intellectual property rights are a legally binding way to protect your idea would prevent others from using it. They may think their idea is original that nothing else like it available on the open market and may not be circumvented for actually producing the product, but you would be protected and they would not be able to make millions with it.

Intellectual property is defined as creative expressions and ideas formed by the human mind. This means, simply, your idea may stay that way until you’re ready to use it without worrying that someone else beat you to it.

There are ways to do it. You can apply for a patent, the registration of the design, trademark or copyright according to your idea and the stage where he is.

A patent protects how a new invention works, how it works and how it’s done as well as what it is made from. This allows you to prevent others to import, buy, sell or make your invention in any way, shape or form.

Once your idea is in progress, a design registration will protect the physical appearance of your shape, contours, patter, equipment and decoration and texture. The reason you need a patent is so because the registration of the design does not cover how a product works. So someone else could come up with an entirely different product to research that works exactly the same way and if you have only saving design, not patent, then you can not prevent them from doing so.

Once your idea is in progress, you will more than likely come up with a catchy phrase signature or a recognizable logo that makes your individual product immediately recognizable. This should be backed by a brand to stop other inventors using the same symbol or phrase.

Copyright is slightly different in that it applies at the art market. Literature and music are the best-known works are covered by a trademark. Also under the protection of this particular umbrella just art, theater, layout, broadcasts and recordings. A copyright is an automatic right and does not need to be requested. It will last for the life of the author plus seventy years. However, you can not copyright an idea when it comes to intellectual property, it must be written, you can not say, “I wanted to write a book about it” and claim it as your own.

The thing to remember is that if you have this idea and do not have time, it takes a little time to obtain intellectual property rights to it. This way, you can sit on the burner until you have the time.